Words to Speak the Deepest Truth

parent pic 2When my amazing sister Kris and I reviewed the draft of Mom’s obituary, we noted that it sounded boilerplate. Beloved wife, devoted mother, loving grandmother: it sounded like the funeral director who drafted it just filled in the blanks with our info. Which is probably exactly what she did. We didn’t mind. All these things were true, and it served the purpose of letting people know Mom was gone. We made a minor change and approved it.

The memorial was another story. That had to be personal. And it was.

I stayed away from Facebook. The experience felt too tender to share and yet, too precious not to. I’ve been waiting for the right words to come to me. They finally have.

It’s an honor to be a part of someone’s life and an even greater honor to be a part of their passing.
It’s a blessing when the person who is transitioning is ready, and faces their demise with courage and even humor.
It’s inspiring when each stage of decline is lived consciously in a way that leaves no regrets.
It’s a gift when the loss of one family member brings the family together in new ways, deepening their love.
It’s heartening when the surviving spouse settles into his new life so authentically that it leaves you in respectful awe.

My Step Mom, Harriet Jonsson, passed away December 19th 2014. I was honored, blessed, inspired, gifted and heartened. It was a grace-filled and transformational experience for all of us.

We know Mom is resting in peace because that is how she passed.

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