A Meaningfully Meaningless Conversation

venusAll bubbles must burst. All things must pass. If I didn’t understand what was happening, I would find Bob’s conversation about it tedious.

Yes, Peyton Manning lost his game and football season is over for the Broncos.

Bob is emotionally involved. However, he would be the first to admit that his football team is an outlet for him to experience, deal with and make peace with Mars – his warrior nature. He used to be a martial artist. Now his relationship to aggression is lived and evolves through the Broncos. And that’s perfect.

I have my own areas where something external seems to have too much credence unless you recognize the symbolic nature of the focus. I express my relationship to Venus – or to beauty – through my appreciation of beautiful clothes. I don’t need to pick the right outfit to hike the trails, but I enjoy doing that.

Is there an area in your life that seems bigger than seemingly warranted? Does someone in your life seem overly focused on something that seems minor to you?

What might the deeper meaning be? Answer that question, and the conversation has meaning. The tedium disappears. 

Well, it lessens, anyway. 

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