I Fought the Cowlick and the Cowlick Won

Meryl SteinunnI got my hair cut too short.  It was harder than ever to get it to do anything that looks like anything. It grows in odd directions. And the right side – it just likes to stick out. I tried to tame it. I tried to leverage it so it looks like I want it to do what it does. No luck. It just does what it wants out of step with the rest of my hair. It’s a stubborn cowlick that won’t cooperate. 

Nothing new in that. When I look at old pictures of myself, I see the exact same quirk. That’s me on the right – the only “Icelander” who isn’t blonde. 

If you can’t change something and you can’t adapt to something, your option is to accept it. I’ve been shifting and fixing and repatterning and remodeling myself and my life and I am enjoying many benefits. But my cowlick keeps me humble. I suppose that’s a good thing. Part of learning to love myself is learning to love my quirks.

What quirks do you have that you’ve learned to accept? What “cowlicks” keep you humble?

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