“I Know the Words are in There Somewhere”

Confident 200“Do you have any thoughts about that slide?” I asked Reba.  Ann and I had done most of the talking as we scrolled through the PowerPoint. I wanted to get a sense of how Reba was relating to the material.

“I do,” Reba replied, “But I don’t have words for it.” Reba continued by talking about what she heard us saying and how it applied to her own life. Reba’s words were clear and insightful.

“You’ve didn’t have words, yet what you said was powerful,” I noted.

Reba responded, “I didn’t have words, but when I started talking, they came out. I can’t do that with everyone. But I know the words are in there somewhere and I find them by talking.”

She sure does. Reba can’t do that with everyone, and I say the people she can’t do that with probably don’t know what they’re missing. 

Do you have people you can talk with without knowing what you’re going to say? Do you ever know the words are in there somewhere and want to be able to find them out-loud in good company? 

It might be worth the risk to just start taking and find out. 

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