We Weren’t Born This Way: A Mission to Each Other’s Hearts

Justin Hayward The Eastern Sun

“Let me be on a mission to your heart. On a journey to your soul…”



“I think you were born organized,” my father said. 

What planet was Dad on while I grew up?

“It’s a hard won skill,” I replied.

I kind of like it that my father forgot my former chaos and sees me more as I am today. I think I’ve improved. 

I told my husband Bob that my dad thinks I must have been born organized. Bob responded with laughter. He went on to say, “You’re welcome.” Bob has a lot to do with the fact that I rarely spend time looking for lost items anymore, etc. But he doesn’t actively teach me. I learn much from observing him and from experimenting with my own habit transformation and life system creation. I fumble forward. I still have some major organizational clunkers. Bob patiently supports my efforts. It’s a part of my mission to Bob’s … and God’s … and my own … heart. Excellence through wholeness. 

Developing skills we were NOT born with is like exercising muscles that haven’t been used much. Our initial efforts can seem pretty wimpy. If we keep going, we find new strength and balance. 

For the record, I was NOT born able to organize my thoughts, my ideas, my words OR my stuff. 


Like many logical and successful men, Bob was NOT born knowing how to access and communicate feelings and vulnerability. He was NOT born with an ear for poetry and tender love songs. He fumbles forward. He has some pretty impressive clunkers. I support his efforts, grateful that he is willing to extend himself, even though his efforts are awkward at times.

Saturday night was not one of those awkward times. I hadn’t intended to watch television. That changed when Bob invited me to watch a Justin Hayward PBS special. He told me the music was incredibly beautiful. 

Day by day Bob’s and my worlds find new overlap like two unique melodies that find ways to blend in perfect harmony. The results are magical and surprising. 

Justin Hayward had “an intoxicating sound” that took us to where “no frozen heart remains. No sorrow and no shame.” Justin was able to transport me because I have always loved his music. I was born with an affinity to his soul. Justin was able to transport Bob because Bob has deliberately developed tenderness and love. 

Bob and I remain on missions to each other’s hearts. Justin helped us celebrate the budding connections in melodic and poetic beauty. Please listen and savor his images. 

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