The Metaphorical “ESP Report”

Psychic 300My friends and community often include an “ESP Report” in our check ins. Are we eating, sleeping and pooping well? It’s easy to overlook the basics – and living well doesn’t get much more basic than that. 

Yesterday I took great delight in discovering that an author I have just embraced not only has written an article about that very focus, but has taken the principles to the next level. 

The author is Dr. Rubin Naiman, and the article is How Cool is Your Sleep

The questioner in the article is his mother. When he was young and felt ill, his Mom asked, “What did you eat?” 

Dr. Naiman expands the definition of “eating” to chronic inflammation caused by “eating” excessive energy in various forms – too much food, light, oxygen, experiences and information. 

When Dr Naiman’s was young and felt ill, his Mom asked, “Did you poop?”

Dr. Naiman expands his definition of pooping to include all kinds of discharge, elimination and letting go. Sometime I will have a conscious, healthy hissy-fit to discharge, let go and cool down. 

When Dr. Naiman was young and felt ill his Mom asked, “Did you sleep?”

Dr. Naiman’s regard for sleep and dreams includes profound respect for metaphor and symbolic experience.

My circle’s ESP Report will never be the same. Thanks, Doc!

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