The Magic of the Discovery Process

Feng ShuiAs I continue to create flow in my life and home, a friend gave me a lovely book called Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui. My favorite part of the book is the story of how she discovered the Feng Shui or placement principles. I devoured those sections, and skimmed through the “rules” or principles part.

That’s me. I’m a process person. I’m more interested in how she discovered what works for her than what she discovered. I want to make my own discoveries. Handed down discoveries generally don’t have the juice for me that discoveries won through direct observation do.

I plan to share my lovely gift book with a friend whom I suspect will skim through the discovery part and devour the principles. 

I don’t read much, preferring to learn from my own observation. Interestingly, the book contained many conclusions I had come to on my own. It was nice to see someone “official” had discovered what I had.

And it was even nicer to see how she came to discover it. 

My community and I often share the stories behind the outcome, because to us, that’s where the magic is.




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