What’s This Dream Got to Do with Anything?

As a big picture person, as a symbolic and a metaphorical Visionary style communicator, one of my communication challenges is to express ideas, symbols and images that have so much meaning for me in ways that others can relate to. 

Like the dream I posted about yesterday.

To me, my symbols and images speak for themselves and need no explanation. After all, to my knowledge, the Moody Blues never explained what “Knights in white satin, never reaching the end, letters I’ve written never meaning to send” means. 

But then they’re the Moody Blues, and I’m not.

Yesterday, I posted about a dream that provided me with wonderful guiding images I’m still interpreting. (Note to my Achiever communicators – to the more concrete among my readers. I see you rolling your eyes! Know this: guiding images are a major source of DIRECTIONENERGY and INSPIRATION to Visionaries.) 

If you’ve ever had a dream when you were in college and missed your main classes, and were unprepared for the test, know that this was the apotheosis of that. This takes that nightmare to an illuminating next-step-dream. Here’s what it said to ME. 

I was in college. Not high school, not work, college. That tells me this is about advanced learning.

I was engaged in each class, embracing my curriculum as it unfolded. None of that old theme of not knowing where I should be or being unprepared.

I was graded, but didn’t feel judged. The grading was feedback. I cultivate the art of giving feedback that doesn’t seem judgy. 

My classes were dance, exercise, exercise and something related to children. I was surprised there was nothing academic. I’m not anti-intellectual, but I am balancing years of over-thinking. It suggests to me that I need to keep the balance of being body-based. It’s not time to focus much on the conceptual level of life. My Inner Analyzer still needs to play a supporting role, not a leading one in my growth and development. 

That’s what it all meant to me. But the real reason for sharing it is for you to ask yourself – what would it mean if it were YOUR dream? Would it be college? What classes would you take? Do you honor those activities even though they may not lead to degrees? What symbols have deep meaning for you? 

Well, that’s one real reason for sharing it. The other is that I consciously practice talking about inner realities in ways that others understand. It’s a process. 

Perhaps some day I will be like the Moody Blues and feel no need to explain. Perhaps not. Right now, I like the exercise. 


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