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Meryl BookHi everyone! Well, retirement suits me well. Taking care of foundations, health and enjoying life.

I am liquidating my book inventories and do I ever have a lot of books! I gave books away at Colorado Springs Business Journal events – and moved about 500 at a time. But there are many, many more to go. I am willing to give them away for the cost of shipping by the box. I can ship media mail to reduce the cost. 

PowerPhrases! comes in boxes of 40 and weight about 55 lbs per box. SpeakStrong comes in boxes of 32 and weighs about 50 lbs per box. Perfect Phrases for Leadership Development comes in boxes of 52 and each box weighs 23 lbs. Perfect Phrases for Managers and Supervisors comes in boxes of 48 and weighs 23 lbs. per box. How to Use PowerPhrases comes in boxes of 24 and each box weighs 19 lbs. Perfect Phrases for Office Pros comes in boxes of 40 and each box weighs 19 lbs. And Hal Pitt’s book #1 Secrets of Managers comes in boxes of 40  and weighs about 38 lbs per box. Chances are excellent that I will have many more boxes than you and your company would need.

I also invite ideas of how to find homes for these books. If you are in the Colorado Springs area and know of a place like a corporate lobby where I could arrange to park myself to give them out, I would be happy to do that. If you are connected to HR of come company that might be interested, please pass the info on. 

Click on the contact info of my speakstrong.com site and it will help you find me.

Thanks! And keep on speaking strong! 

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