Outspoken on Outpost

I am impressed by the kiddos – especially the young gals – on Outpost Road.

I don’t recall being this confident and comfortable and outspoken with adults while growing up.

Some neighbors had allowed folks to access the trails behind us through their property, but when people started coming from other areas it became too much and they posted no trespassing signs. They gave us specific permission to still use their access.

But 6 year old Kay didn’t know that when she saw me. I don’t think she recognized me from the distance either. She calmly called out:

  • This is private property.
    I replied that I knew but her dad said I could still cross there. She said:
  • That’s fine then.

I would not have had the confidence for that at her age. Sometimes I have to nudge myself to do things like that even now. This is a different generation.

All the neighbor kids learned our names long before we learned theirs.  They initiate conversations.

  • Hi Bob! Hi Meryl! What are you doing? I have a new helmet!

They seem fearless. One neighbor got a motorized bike when she was 3 and raced up and down the hill at that tender age. That kind of precociousness might be scary if they weren’t so balanced. These kids are feisty but not rude. They are outspoken but not abrupt. They are spunky but not offensive.

They SpeakStrong. They sure have a head start on me. Some of us are still finding our voices and many of them never lost theirs. I do have things I can teach them, but they also have so much they can teach me – just by being who they are.

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