Ensoulment Interruptus

“So THAT’S what happened!” Tina exclaimed. There is nothing quite like ideas that turn the lights on for your inner experience. The book “Trauma and the Soul” did that for me. And there is nothing like having conversations with others who, like you, lost their voices before they even learned to speak because trauma made it unsafe to ensoul in the world… and are finding them again.

My “Trauma and the Soul” study group shines light on our inner worlds and gives us a space to tell our stories. These stories need telling… phrase by phrase, tale by tale, memory by memory… as we go from Ensoulment Interruptus toward Ensoulment Completum. ( made that up. I like the way it sounds.)

For me, Tina’s exclamation,

  • So THAT’S what happened…

That was a PowerPhrase. It was the exact thing I thought when I read the book. I felt the window open between my inner world and hers. For each of us, being able to talk about that inner world allowed that inner worls and the concrete outer world to become engaged and related. Some more things group members expressed were,

  • I’ve never talked about this before.
  • I am becoming conscious of this as I tell it.
  • I am muddling through to find the words but I need to say this.

While is IS important to be able to ask for a raise and to tell someone you can’t take on more work or you need a report on time… it’s also important to be able to tell the inside story of ensoulment interruptus. It makes us whole.

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