Meryl’s 3-Book Management Special

3-Book-Manage-Special 300WTwo books by Meryl Runion, one book by Hal Pitt

Gives the tools you need to be the kind of manager employees want to produce results for. Whether you’re new in management or you’re a seasoned pro, this package teaches you how to get results through others. Hal Pitt’s book gives you the secrets savvy managers know, and Meryl Runion’s books give you the systems and words to streamline your management processes.

The books in the package include

  • How to Say It: Performance Reviews / Phrases and Strategies for Painless and Productive Performance Reviews – Book by Meryl Runion Rose and Janelle Brittain, 207 pages.
  • Perfect Phrases for Managers & Supervisors: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases for Any Management Situation – Book by Meryl Runion, 178 pages
  • #1 Secrets of Successful Managers: Everything You Need to Know About Managing Others – Book by Hal Pitt, 256 pages

Bonuses: Two downloadable, printable posters…

  • The Totally Integrated Performance System
  • Meryl’s Performance Management Flow

Additional Bonus: Downloadable and Printable Superlative Performance Review Phrases PDF

Price: $38.12

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AUDIO: PowerPhrases Amplified

PPAmplifiedSay What You Mean, Mean What You Say, Get What You Want

  • 6 Audio CDs and a CD-ROM workbook by Meryl Runion.
  • Power Potentials Publishing © 2013
  • ISBN: 09-7144375-0

In-depth understanding of the secrets that make Power Phrases effective.

The unabridged audio CD version of How to Use PowerPhrasesPowerPhrases Amplified provides countless stories and illustrations of how Power Phrases work in action. You will walk away with practical and priceless solutions you can use right now.

Discover how to:

  • Avoid “Poison Phrases” that are ineffective or backfire
  • Perfect the connection – quickly when seconds count
  • Disagree without being disagreeable yourself
  • Apologize sincerely without groveling
  • Get others to speak freely and openly
  • Say “no” with grace, tact, and resolve
  • Make your opinion matter most
  • Ask so you will receive

Six information-packed audio CD’s and a workbook on CD. 
You’ll WANT to listen again and again, until you’ll find yourself practicing skills you didn’t know you had. 

Price: $62.96

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Also available in mp3 format for only $39.95

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The 3 Sources of Power for Office Pros & Admins

Three--sources-of-power 300HThe 3 Sources of Power for Assistants to Master Tough Conversations

A one hour recorded live presentation from the creator of PowerPhrases!

Today more than ever before, assistants need to be strong, savvy, and saintly. Sound impossible? It’s not. Learn how the most effective assistants get people to respect their authority with little or no disagreement. Learn how to cut to the core of every conversation to get the information and understanding you need – fast. Discover the words to use to take charge without sounding like you’re trying to take over. Find out how savvy assistants refer to their jobs and their responsibilities in ways that win them respect and cooperation. Get six “secret weapons” you can use immediately to master those tough exchanges assistants need to have every day. Finally, learn the Ultimate Communication Formula that will guide every word you speak from the moment you start work until you head back home at the end of the day.

DVD video price: $19.75

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Also available as an audio CD for only $14.95
or as a audio mp3 for only $9.75

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How to Use Power Phrases

Easy-to-master techniques for more effective communications in all areas of life

How-to-Power-Phrases 300HWith this breakthrough guide, you’ll discover why effective communication is more than just a business tool. It is also the key to happier, healthier relationships, and greater personal fulfillment and business success.

In How to Use Power Phrases to Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say, & Get What You Want, I introduce you to Power Phrases – short, focused expressions that let people be direct and to the point without seeming brusque or nasty.

In clear, down-to-earth language, illustrated with numerous vignettes and real-world examples, I show how to:

  • Say what needs to be said without fear of misinterpretation or creating negative emotional responses.
  • Master six basic methods for crafting power phrases for any setting and every social, professional, or interpersonal situation.

I love it! It’s immediately practical and useful. I learned how to respond to my critical boss, assertively address a backstabber, and most importantly, convey my anger and disappointment without blamin the other person. That lesson alone was worth way more than the price of the book. What a value! I’m using what I learned in this book every day. — Cindi Myers

Single Copy
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Only $80 for 10 copies
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Perfect Phrases for Leadership Development

The Right Phrase for Every Situation, Every Time

Perfect-Phrases-Leadership-Development 300H Leadership development has become a top business priority. When leaders at every level are empowered, companies excel in innovation and are able to respond instantly to changing market dynamics.

Perfect Phrases for Leadership Development has hundreds of ready-to-use phrases for empowering others to take on leadership responsibilities regardless of their specific position in the company. You’ll find all the right words and phrases you need for:

  • Boosting employees’ sense of autonomy
  • Redirecting efforts without stifling creativity
  • Encouraging decisiveness and resourcefulness
  • Igniting energy and enthusiasm


Book Quotes:

“Leadership development is an art, not a science. Just as doctors practice medicine and lawyers practice law, we also practice leader development.”

“The workplace isn’t a democracy where the majority rules – it is a synergetic setting where all involved contribute to outcome.”

Reader Review

As a leadership consultant, I see my managers struggle every day to find the right words to communicate with their employees and others. This book provides everything they need to be confident that they are clearly communicating and moving others towards the desired outcomes. A great resource for leaders at all levels. I believe it’s such a valuable tool, I plan to keep it in my own library and have extra copies on hand to share with my clients. –Beth Papiano

Single copy
List: $12.00 Your price: $9.60
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Ten Pack
Only $72 for ten copies
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Books by the Box

Carton of 52 only $351
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How to Say It: Performance Reviews

A practical, user-friendly guide to the most dreaded of all business tasks. 

How-to-Say-It-Performance 300H

Written by two top business trainers, this guide reveals the strategies and language skills needed to make the most of performance appraisals – for both the reviewers and the reviewed.

It breaks the process into five simple steps and explains what to say with hundreds of winning phrases organized by topic (and hundreds of counterproductive phrases, too).

It also includes advice on preparing an agenda, body language, and tone of voice – plus true success and horror stories.

Quote from the Book:
“A properly delivered performance review can be a powerful catalyst for improving behavior and performance.”



Reader Review

This book could not have come at a better time. I was dreading the thought of writing my performance reviews until I read this book. It gave me insight into the importance of the process as well as some key phrases to use to make the writing of the review simple. I could not believe how smooth the review process was this year as a result. I wrote my reviews with confidence and it took me half the time it normally takes! I passed it along to my managers and colleagues I was so impressed. Great job ladies on making a potentially tired subject alive and refreshing again! — Laura Giacomino


Single copy
List: $11.95 Your price only: $10.77
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Ten pack
Only $90 for ten copies
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Books by the box
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How to Restore Sanity to Our Political Conversations

Reasonable Responses, Constructive Comebacks, and Powerful Phrases

Stop arguing and start communicating about politics!

Restore-Sanity-Political-Conv 300HHow to Restore Sanity to Our Political Conversations was written from my own need to be able to respond effectively when conversations turn both political and personal. Writing it empowered myself, and reading it will inspire you to have dynamic conversations rather than futile squabbles when talk with family, neighbors, and friends turns political.

I guide readers to defuse explosive emotions and turn angry tirades into productive dialogue. How to Restore Sanity to Our Political Conversations contains practical advice and wisdom for the average citizen who has opinions – or is around people with opinions – about current events.

This timely book is not for politicians or pundits like O’Reilly, Beck, Maddow, Obama, Palin, or Pelosi – behind their podiums and on their stages. It is for anyone with opinions to share – at the kitchen table, in the office, on Facebook, at the gym, and in the carpool. Yes, you can talk about politics … after you’ve read this book!


Book Quote:

“Blame them and you are a victim. Learn how to respond and you are empowered.”

Reader Review

It seems that one cannot discuss governance and civic duty without entering a political minefield. But there’s good news! Meryl Runion’s book helps citizens to navigate those mines, find relatively safe ground, and have productive discussions about political issues and leadership. Empower yourself to defuse and discuss! –AEBlackwell


Single Copy – Paperback:


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The Number One Secrets of Successful Managers

Everything You Need to Know About Managing Others

Number-One-Secrets-Managers 300H

Hal Pitt has developed a unique “Number Ones” approach to management that will help you focus on what will get you the best results. In practical, down-to-earth terms, you’ll learn key concepts and strategies that have formed the “best practices lists of thousands of successful managers.

Revealing “Case In Point…” stories bring the “Number One” ideas home with real examples. An “Action Plan” at the end of each chapter gives you the opportunity to apply the principles and become a “Number One ” success story!

Known as a highly effective teacher, public speaker, and communicator, Hal E. Pitt has taught seminars on team building, leadership, communication, and management in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. He managed more than one hundred medical personnel in a stressful emergency room; recruited, trained, and managed instructors in various training programs; and designed and developed training sessions and model medical programs and curricula. Hal Pitt understands group dynamics and is creative in developing material that is both powerful and entertaining.

Single copy
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Ten pack
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Books by the box
Carton of 40 only $439
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