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What does generational discord cost you?


What price do you pay for generational gaps and blind spots? Conflict? Decreased performance? Missed opportunities?

What could happen if you and your workforce uncovered and embraced the validity of each generations’ viewpoint – and collaborated based on strengths? SpeakSTRONG has tools to help you do that.


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New Year, New You Update

Welcome! The New You New Year Webinar is good to go, and the info is the same as your last email. It’s posted below.

Should you have any trouble opening the webpage, you can follow along with this PDF.



The webinar is scheduled for 11 AM Mountain time, which is 1 PM Eastern time on January 6 th.

Check your email and this page for updates on login details. The webinar is currently scheduled for this url:

and this call-in number. 


Code: 22183 #


The number has changed from what I originally posted. 

Here’s what I’d like for you to do to prepare.

1. Review my Some Boats Need to be Rocked article. 

2. Check out my Facebook pledge and decide whether it’s right for you to take the pledge. 

3. Watch my video called The Unpaved Path to Opportunity. I will be discussing points from it in the webinar.

4. Read my post about the three keys to transformation a moniker, motto and motivating image.

5. Think of what your moniker, motto and motivating image for your communication makeover would be.

I will post the PowerPoint the morning of the webinar for a back up, and the link will be on this page. 

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Welcome and thanks!

Your FREE Communication Resources are below.

 CLICK HERE or scroll down to get them.

Plus, I have another opportunity for your SpeakSTRONG Journey, communicating in our beyond-busy world. 





Today, 81% of employers say that communication skill is a first priority for people they hire.

It’s not enough to be skilled. It’s not enough to know what you’re talking about. You need to know how to have the everyday and the critical conversations that lean forward. Otherwise your words will be added noise instead of ideas that are heard above the noise.  That’s why I created the Beyond-busy Bonus





Your FREE SpeakSTRONG Downloads 

Beyond-Busy audio (Click to play now. To download right-click and save as; mac-users: control-click.)
Find out how to communicate to cut through the chaos of our beyond-busy world.  43 minutes.

PowerPhrases Quick Reference Guide (download pdf)
Phrases you’ll use every day.

PowerPhrases Generator (download pdf)
A simple graph to help you include head, heart and will in your communication 

Six Secrets of PowerPhrases (download pdf)
Tips to create your own PowerPhrases to say what you mean and mean what you say without being mean when you say it. 

SpeakSTRONG Newsletter: Click on the link in the email you received. Contact me if you have any questions. (I do answer my own phone.) 

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If you have problems or concern – ideas or insights – great news or tales of progress, please share them with me.

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