Alchemy transforms lead into gold. Well, that's a metaphor. It takes what we don't value and purifies and elevates it to it's higher level. Mistakes become opportunities, negativity reveals it's deepest intent, and the things we try to overcome become fodder for our greatness. 

A Sophisticated Vocabulary of Feelings

When you embark on an important conversation, do you know how you feel? Most people don’t. When I ask what they feel, most people will share an opinion. There’s power in the language of feelings. Find the words to describe how you feel, and you are far more likely to make a powerful point.Learn how to use your communication words in:How to Use PowerPhrases

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Emotional Alchemy through the “Love Letter”

The Love Letter Technique

According to Relationship Expert John Gray, emotions exist in layers, from
more guarded to more vulnerable. Emotions go from:

1. Anger
2. Sorrow
3. Fear
4. Regret
5. Love

If you’re ever unsure about what you feel, use this like a map to take you through all possible levels. Gray calls it a love letter technique. That name implies that you only use it in love relationships — but it’s useful any time you’re not sure what you feel. The process has helped me through many emotional challenges.

Here are some sentence stems to help you work your way through your emotions.

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