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The Inner Game of Lean and the Improvement Kata

On Christmas Even 2012, I pulled the plug and set out on a mission to lean my world to life; to clean up my messes and set my systems straight and create flow in my life.

It started as a commitment for a week and expanded into two. I realized it was a very big job, and I decided to give it a year.

That year isn’t over yet, but I am giving an update at MWCC lean conference this week. This is the PowerPoint. Enjoy!

My Lean2Life First Trimester

Today is the first day in the second trimester of my Lean2Life Quest/experiment. December 24th 2012, Christmas Eve Day, was the first day of my year-long mission to restructure and redesign my life from the inside out. My goals were vague. My plan was to let a plan unfold. An important guiding principle was to stop starting and start finishing.

I knew I aspired to create space for grace, ease and flow in my life. I knew I aspired to be able to enjoy my weekends and evenings with the sense of completion. I knew I wanted to tend to neglected areas of my world, solve ongoing problems, and build strong foundations for future endeavors. I was struck by the dream theme Marion Woodmen shares: “Your hymns will never make it to heaven until you clean up the mess in your basement.” If she/you/I want to aim high, we need strong, stable foundations.

It’s hard to believe I’m a third through the process already. There is so much left to do that it’s easy to overlook what I’ve achieved so far. So I’m making a list.