How to SpeakSTRONG: The Method

The SpeakSTRONG Method is a six-step approach to effective Character-based Communication. These articles tell you how to use each step to overcome barriers to effective communication and empower your words.

A Tale of Pippi and Izzie: How to Elevate Your Word Choice by Elevating Your Thinking

I LOVE metaphors – and so do my audiences. In my seminars, I use a giraffe and a lizard as metaphors for two different levels of thought that influence communication. I use a giraffe to represent rising above the mud of the moment, and speaking from an elevated perspective. I use a lizard to represent the reptilian, reactive self, that leads you to speak from a narrow perspective. They are useful reminders of the competing forces inside of us all that influence the way we choose our words and communicate

Pippi, the SpeakStrong Giraffe

Izzie the Lizard


I call the giraffe Pippi and the lizard Izzie.



The Pledge

Take the pledge to say what you mean and mean what you Pledge jointsay, without being mean when you say it. 

Before you have that important conversation, invite others to join you in the pledge.

Communication agreements are an important aspect of The SpeakSTRONG Method. They set standards that keep everyone operating with the same understandings.

You can download printable posters to affirm you personal and shared pledges.

The Personal SpeakSTRONG Pledge is here.  

The Joint SpeakSTRONG Pledge is here

My SpeakSTRONG book provides more information on how to establish communication agreements. This simple pledge can jump start effective communication by giving you a simple guide. Print it out and post it, or order a poster from the SpeakSTRONG store. 

Reasonableness is Your Best Revenge: Conflict Resolution Techniques to TRANSFORM a Diffcult Conversation

What’s the difference between a reaction and a response? About 23 seconds. And a plethora of options. Conflict resolution techniques can help you defuse a potentially explosive situation, and give you time to tap into your effective communication skills. This article gives you eleven possible responses to a difficult situation and recommends reasonableness. 

Some Boats Need To Be Rocked: Master Crucial Conversations Before the Stakes Get High

Too often we don’t want to rock the boat. But some boats NEED to be rocked. This article tells my personal story of not being able to master crucial conversations when the stakes were high. It was the impetus to find my voice. I tell it to inspire you to find yours.