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The SpeakStrong Method Communication Style Quiz

Are you searching for a free communication and personality style quiz?

Do you want to improve your communication skill? This quick communication style quiz will reveal your main type of communication style and give you useful communication tips. Build on your main strengths and style. Balance your communication by learning about how all four styles affect how you communicate. 

By the way – iThe SpeakStrong Method Communication Style Quiz is quick and fun to take.

Start now with this important step that will help you express your true self effectively

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When I’m in line at the store, I might initiate a chat with the person ahead of me.
When I’m in line at the store I am unlikely to initiate a chat with the person ahead of me.

I like to stay focused on the subject at hand and prefer not to go off on tangents.
I like to go wherever a conversation leads me.

In a buffet line people find themselves waiting for me to finish serving myself.
In a buffet line I often find myself waiting for others to finish serving themselves (or jumping ahead.)

If I am at a red light at 3 AM with no one around I wait for it to change to proceed.
If I am at a red light at 3 AM with no one around I go on through.

I study the research before deciding what to buy.
I consult my friends before deciding what to buy.

Sometimes people finish my sentences for me.
Sometimes I finish other people’s sentences for them.

I do one thing at a time until it is completed.
I work on several things at a time.

I am open about my feelings.
I am careful about whom I share my feelings with.

I speak on a need-to-know basis.
I enjoy disclosing who I am to develop relationships with people.

When I get excited, everyone around me knows.
When I get excited most people can’t tell.

I planned the outgoing message on my voice mail before I recorded it.
I recorded my outgoing voicemail without planning or rehearsal.

I gladly put aside what I am working on when someone needs help.
I ask questions about what is needed and consider what I am doing first before responding when someone needs help.

I have my day clearly planned out early.
While I may have an idea of what I want to accomplish, I stay flexible to see how the day unfolds.

I’ll let you know right away if you do something that creates problems for me.
I will deliberate carefully over whether or not to let you know if you do something that creates problems for me.

I decide within 15 minutes what I think of a movie.
I wait until I have had time to reflect to decide what I think of movie.

If I see something I want at a store I get it right away.
When I see something I want at a store I wait and decide if I really want it.

If I want to see a movie I’ll try to find someone to go with me and might not go alone.
If I want to see a movie I’m happy to go alone.

I get my favorite dishes at restaurants.
I like to try new dishes when dining out.

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SpeakStrong Resources

All kinds of communication tools for your communication transformation

Ieffective business communication skills toolsn addition to the SpeakStrong books and training, we offer 

Plus, we’re always growing. After you’ve played with, applied and benefited from what we have,
let us know
what other kind of efficient learning tools will help you and your team in your continuous communication improvement journey. 

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PowerPhrase Tutorial

A communication tool to put your message into words

composing phrases planning out conversationsOne of the basic tools for SpeakStrong is the PowerPhrases and Perfect Phrases that fill my books. The SpeakStrong Method isn’t all about phrases, but the phrases are what make or break a conversation – especially a delicate one.

We have all types of phrases to provide a foundation for rehearsing conversations. While conversations are interactive and never quite go the way you imagine, composing phrases or even selecting phrases from books like mine help you clarify your message and prepare for even the unpredictable.

That’s why my books have all types of phrases from motivation phrases, to boardroom phrases to management phrases. I include examples of personal phrases in the books and particularly on my blog.

Planning out conversations by composing phrases

The best phrases are the ones you create yourself. This tutorial walks you through the components of phrases. It gets you planning out conversations and composing phrases without even knowing you’re doing it. That’s helpful, because even people who are perfectly clear about what they have to say often lose that clarity the moment they try to verbalize it. 

So take the PowerPhrases tutorial. You have something to say. This will help you to say it. 

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Assess Yourself!


Assess to Express Your True Self Effectively

My SpeakStrong Method has two free online communication quizzes for your personal and organizational use.

1. The SpeakStrong Method Communication Style Quiz

Which of the four different communication styles do you favor? Are you a mainly a Visionary? A Likeable? An Achiever? Or perhaps you’re mostly a Meditative. Find out now. Knowing yourself is the foundation for expressing yourself effectively. Discover your leading communication style and the communication habits and tendencies that influence how you express yourself. It’s quick, fun, and helpful. Plus, identifying communication style is an essential first step in my SpeakStrong Method. Take this communication style inventory quiz now to discover your unique type of communication style. 

It’s quick and fun to take. 

2. The Dynamic Leadership Development Assessment

My Dynamic Leadership Development Assessment measures leadership skill and is a useful indicator of leadership potential. This quiz focuses on the skills and communication competencies required in continuous improvement, entrepreneurial and creative workplaces. Use it as a leadership self assessment test, and/or as a leadership feedback tool.

Let these useful quizzes help guide your communication development.

Both assessments can serve as a baseline for your communication development. The first step of The SpeakStrong Method is to get to know yourself in your multi-dimensional nature. If you don’t know yourself, how can you know anything at all?

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