Networking for Effective Engagement

This webinar is complete. View the replay here: Networking for Effective Engagement. The slides are available below and you can download them here. Stay tuned for future webinars.

Free Webinar: Networking Tips for Effective Engagement

Diane Windingland

Diane Windingland with Meryl Runion

(Diane Windingland is the Coauthor of Perfect Phrases for IceBreakers)

Improving your people skills doesn’t have to be boring. This interactive presentation will help you learn to become better connected by first showing you what to avoid.

Using reverse psychology, Diane Windingland will reveal some of the worst networking techniques before wrapping up with practical ways you can effectively engage people and build business relationships.

Target Audiences:  Professionals  Business Owners

Top Takeaways:

 How to navigate a networking event (especially what “not to do”)

 Effective body language  Remembering names

 How to craft a “bumper-sticker” version of an elevator speech

 How to start a conversation

 How to exit a conversation

 The importance of follow up

Webinar slides are here

Webinar handouts are here

icebreaker thumbDiane is my coauthor for Perfect Phrases for Icebreakers.
She met me through her own networking efforts. She knows her stuff.

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Free Webinar: How to Give Great Feedback

This webinar is complete.

Title: How to Give Great Feedback

Description: Imagine a GPS system designed to give feedback to super-sensitive people. What would it say when you take a wrong turn? What does that teach you about feedback in general and at work in specific?

 We’ll expand on lessons from a GPS for sensitive people into a very practical and useful set of tips and techniques to be able to give feedback people can hear.

  • Learn six phrases to help you shift feedback into feed-forward
  • The top five qualities of effective feedback
  • How you can flip feedback into feed-forward to use the power of pull communication over the pressure of push
  • When to guide and when to let people find their own way
  • How to shift the focus from right and wrong to opportunities and possibilities
  • One attitude shift you can make that will guide your words to be more effective

and much more.

Webinar slides are below:
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Download webinar slides here.

Webinar recording is here.


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Webinar preview:


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SpeakStrong Summer School Intensive

SpeakStrong Summer School Intensive Starts Thursday August 2nd at 11 AM Mountain time

This webinar is closed. 

speaking smMy SpeakStrong Summer School Web Intensive will launch soon. Registration is limited to 8 participants, so let me know right away if you’re interested. Cost is $225 and that includes assessments, unlimited email support, optional between session private coaching calls and five 1 – 1 1/2 hour small group conference/web sessions.
Email questions.


Learn how to really say what you mean and mean what you say without being mean when you say it.


Session 1. Thursday August 2nd: 11 AM Mountain Time
SpeakStrong Summer School Launch, 
Your SpeakStrong Communication Reality and Possibility:
Assessments and Vision 

Session 2. Monday August 6th: 11 AM Mountain Time 
Say What You Mean: How to Find and Empower Your Individual Voice

Session 3. Thursday August 9th: 11 AM Mountain Time 
Mean What You Say: Protect the Power of Your Voice Through Verbal
Precision, Intention and Commitment

Session 4. Monday August 13th: 11 AM Mountain Time 
Don’t Be Mean When You Say It: Influence Through Grace, Not
Persuasion, Manipulation or Power

 Session 5. Thursday August 16th: 11 AM Mountain Time 
Success From Finesse: How to Polish Your Life and Career by Polishing Your

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Free Webinar: Opportunitynowhere: (now here) How to Grow Your Success Organically

This webinar is complete but will be rescheduled to present live again.
Enjoy the slides and handouts!


PDF Handouts for the above slides – click to download.

 Opportunity now Here handouts




The worksheet, slides and audio links from the previous interaction are below.
Worksheet     Slide     Audio


I found that no matter how useful information about how to succeed in the world is, there is always something that isn’t a fit and either turns me off too much to try or overwhelms me when I do. This is my life. Your life is your own. We are unique. Speaking Strong is about saying what you mean and meaning what you say without being mean when you say it. That practice and the philosophy behind it leads to a different, more essential way of living. That includes career planning and goal setting. This webinar will help you find success principles you can live by. 

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Communication Kata

Communication Kata: Practices to build communication excellence

Thursday, November 17, 2011
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Mountain Time

This webinar is complete. View the replay and scroll through the slides here. You can download them by clicking on the SlideShare


How do you get good at anything? Practice. But practice what?


This webinar describes how to create routines, or kata, to practice communication skills and build your ability to communicate effectively. It shows you how to develop KQ: Kata Quotient: the ability to learn through practice. It then gives you a menu of communication practices to build your skills day by day.


Take it from a former passive (and also passive-aggressive). Communication skill matters. Develop the skills you need BEFORE you need them. This webinar will show you how.



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Top Ten PowerPhrases for Admins Webinar

Phrases every admin needs
Wednesday, November 16, 2011
web-logo11:00 AM – 11:45 Mountain Time

This Webinar is Complete.

You can view the replay here:

And view the slides below.


 Personal message from Meryl Runion Rose:

Every administrative assistant and executive administrator knows that the real challenge is getting things done when you’re not in charge. The truth is, those who regularly get results without formal power have discovered the secrets of true power.


This free webinar will detail the top ten PowerPhrases for admins.  You’ll walk away, not only with words and phrases you can use right away, but a new way of looking at what assertive communication is for the professional support person.


Join us.

Hints and Tips:

If this is your first time attending a webinar of this kind, we recommend that you take the System Test to make sure that your computer is ready to go. I’m testing this webinar format to see how we like it. Note – there will be ads – but the ones I see seem tasteful – so we’ll check it out.

Should you have any technical difficulties viewing the webinar, please e-mail support at support@anymeeting.com. If you have comments about the format after the webinar, email Angela(at)SpeakStrong.com.

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