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Express your true self effectively. That’s what Speaking Strong is all about! There are so many ways to tap in to your own authentic power. The resources below are just a few.

While communication excellence takes knowledge and skill, we know that Excellence Takes Practice. We aren’t about theory here at SpeakStrong. We’re about talking the walk AND walking the talk. 

So when we invite you to join us in our adventure, we’re saying what we mean and meaning what we say. It’s a real invitation. We are actively embodying the SpeakStrong Empowerments and practicing The SpeakStrong Method and letting our authentic voices unfold. Each day we discover more about how powerful and magnificent our own voices are. It’s an honor to share at such depth with each other. 

Sound good? Well, there’s a lot brewing here. We’re preparing to launch some cool stuff we’re practicing behind the scenes at the moment. So join us now, and keep your eyes open for the coming new ways to SpeakStrong and express YOUR true self effectively.


A Good Place to Start Now

Style Quiz 600

Coming soon: 
Another Great Place to Start
SS Method Made Easy.600
The SpeakStrong Method Made Easy:

Four-part Communication Excellence eCourse

walks you through the
Know Thyself competency of The SpeakStrong Method.
It evokes Self Knowledge for Effective Self Expression.

If taking it is half as powerful as creating it is, it will change your world. In a good way!
Coming on or before February 15, 2014.

Preliminary Agenda:

Lesson 1: Excellence Through Wholeness: The Method
Lesson 2: Youer than You: Explore Your Full Spectrum and Meet Your Inner Archetype
Lesson 3: Soar with the Expansiveness of Spirit: The Visionary in You
Lesson 4: Relate with the Connectedness of Soul: The Harmonizer in You
Lesson 5: Perceive with the Clarity of Mind: The Analyzer in You
Lesson 6: Succeed with the Power of Will: The Achiever in You
Lesson 7: Optimize the Visionary in You: Build on Strengths and Balance Weaknesses
Lesson 8: Optimize the Harmonizer in You: Build on Strengths and Balance Weaknesses
Lesson 9: Optimize the Analyzer in You: Build on Strengths and Balance Weaknesses
Lesson 10: Optimize the Achiever in You: Build on Strengths and Balance Weaknesses
Lesson 11: Uniquely You: Creative Arche-typing
Lesson 12: Every Voice at the Table: A Foundation of Inner Wholeness
Lesson 13: Moving Forward: Summary, Action Steps and The SpeakStrong Book
Lesson 14: Closing Quiz: Assess and Certify


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