Communication changes when we get this busy

Last April, when I created an MP3 audio about how to communicate in Busy ladya beyond-busy world, I didn’t realize I was about to become one of those people myself. When people become insanely busy, it changes how they communicate, and how you communicate with them.

My projects had me working so diligently that I found myself skimming emails, not getting back to people as quickly or thoughtfully as I like to, and even letting some things slip through the cracks – including my blog posts and newsletter. Now, after such a long silence, it seems like I should write something profound – give you pearls of wisdom from the mountaintop I’ve been on. Well, here’s my main conclusion.

If I’m too busy to send a newsletter at least once a month, I’m too busy! I’m so happy to be back. To celebrate, I’m making my Beyond-Busy audio available to you free for the rest of November. You’ll need the skills to prepare you for the holiday rush, so you and those you communicate with will stay connected and aligned as you navigate the busy month ahead.

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