About the SpeakStrong Method: Principles

How does it work? What are the principles of The SpeakStrong Method?

The SpeakStrong Method is based on authenticity, accountability, respect, trust and collaboration. The method works because the fundamental principles that underlie it are rock solid. Here are the five secrets of effective communication that the SpeakStrong Method puts into practice. 

The SpeakStrong Method Principles of Effective CommunicationAuthenticity

The SpeakStrong Method gives voice to earned authority of authenticity.
(Think about that for a minute.) Authenticity means saying what you really mean at the deepest level.


The SpeakStrong Method requires walking the talk. Accountability is meaning what you say, and matching actions to words.


The SpeakStrong Method is deeply respectful of both speaker and listener. It respects the authentic identity of both, and also respects the process of moving from the current state of being and communicating toward a more idealized state.


Trust is the natural outcome of authentic, accountable and respectful communication. It builds gradually with every positive exchange. The SpeakStrong Method focuses on establishing trust first, and protecting trust once it is established. The higher the trust level, the more dynamic collaboration can occur.


The SpeakStrong Method teaches generative communication as distinct from declarative communication. Declarative communication affirms and defines existing models or paradigms. Generative communication steps outside of existing models to explore what might be in a spirit of exploration. This style of communication applies the five secrets of effective communication by applying the best practice communication skills with authenticity, accountability, respect and trust.This style of communication invites collaboration and inquiry.

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PowerPhrase: We have good alchemy

Lauren and I collaborate on writing projects. We share ideas at various stages of refinement. We respect each other’s thinking enough that we’re not embarrassed to share raw ideas. Our bad ideas form a foundation for some really good ones. 

collabnocompIn personal relationships, people talk about having good chemistry. In business relationships, I will sometimes say,

  • We have good alchemy.

Our collaborations don’t involve compromise. They create something new that neither one of us could have created on our own. That’s alchemy, synergy, and collaboration at its best. 

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