The unpaved path to opportunity

@Ned Disposable got fired on Facebook September 29, 2010. @Susie925 got her notice through twitter just a few days later. Their paved roads crumbled. They have since discovered unpaved opportunities.

Me? I wasn’t even on the radar. I got my notice of a decision that impacted me heavily from someone I didn’t know who assumed I had been told. Everyone else had! But don’t you worry about me! I determined to turn my misadventure into a transformational life journey and I’m liking what I’m finding.  

Corporate ignominy might take you down, but don’t let it take you out. When your paved road crumbles, you have lots of bad choices – and some really good ones, too.

Follow the adventures of Ned, Susie and me, as we find opportunity in some really challenging experiences. This is a book trailer for the books SpeakSTRONG and PowerPhrases. It’s also great fun, and an invitation for you to think, live and speak transformationally. If you miss the lyrics or the life test questions, I post them for you here