Barrier #3: Communication cultural diversity blinders. (And how mine were showing)

check markExcuse me – my cultural diversity blinders were showing. 

When I wrote my holiday message, I referred to what I thought was a universal experience of this season. The days are getting longer again.

I’m surprised none of my readers from down-under caught my omission. No one noted that their days are getting longer now. Malcolm?

Cultural diversity in global business can be tricky. I had thought I was being inclusive. I later realized that there was yet another step back for me to take. Fortunately, my readers are very gracious when it comes to pointing out the limits of my thinking, speaking and writing.That’s the way we all need to be when diversity blinders show. That way our over-sights can be openings in understanding cultural differences. Read about that in my article Educate. Don’t Excoriate.