Speak Strong Method

The SpeakSTRONG Method: 6 steps to effective communication skills

The SpeakSTRONG Method is a six-step system of character-based communication that works.

The method is based on the qualities of HEART

        Honesty, Eloquence, Accountability, Responsiveness and Transformation.

The SpeakSTRONG Method is effective at work and at home. You can download a free handbook about the SpeakSTRONG Method here

Significance takes HEART. So does character-based communication.

The heart of anything is its center – the heart contains the vital essence. Without HEART, words lack significance. At the HEART of a character-based message you’ll find, 

  1. Honesty
  2. Eloquence
  3. Accountability
  4. Responsiveness
  5. Transformation

Character-based communicators are highly effective because they infuse HEART into everything they say. They refuse to be lulled asleep by empty phrases that induce a cultural trance. They find the vital essence before they speak. The SpeakSTRONG Method takes you to the HEART. I describe the HEART here. 


Here are the details. 

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When you speak, say something significant. Six steps to significance.

Your eyes aren’t the only windows to your soul. Your words are windows too. When you say something, say something significant.

The SpeakStrong Method starts by uncovering blocks to your dynamic flow of meaningful communication. It delves into the cause, cure and opportunities present in your communication challenges. It helps you find the words that get you and those you speak with unstuck and moving forward. It structures personal and interpersonal communication commitments to provide a principle-based foundation for clear, respectful and effective interaction. This happens in six steps.

The six steps to effective communication are:

The 6 steps to effective communication skill

  1. SEEK significance.  Stop saying things you don’t mean and ask what you’re not saying. Unmask and explore the HEART of the matter.
  2. TRANSFORM the trite. Translate complaints into requests, find the opportunities in problems and uncover the significance in anything small-minded.
  3. REFINE your phrasing. Pick and finesse your words. Tweak phrasing to add HEART-felt eloquence.
  4. OWN your words. Make your words your bond. Commit to communication standards and honor them. Walk your talk.
  5. NARRATE and relate.  Say what you mean and mean what you say without being mean when you say it. Say something significant – and whole-HEARTed.
  6. GROW with the flow. Let every exchange enrich you and the others that you touch.

Watch me describe the six steps here.


Here are the details. 


The SpeakSTRONG Method will elevate and vitalize your communication

The transparency of our current communication environment is changing the way we communicate. What worked before doesn’t work anymore (although many of us insist the old way never really worked all that well anyway.

The six-steps of The SpeakSTRONG Method will transform the way you relate, influence and succeed. I have programs and resources for every level of your organization. Talk to me about how I can help you and your organization take your communication to the next level of effectiveness – and dynamism. 

For information on SpeakSTRONG services including workshops, keynotes and coaching, see my Services page, call 719-684-2633 or contact me by email: E-mail Meryl

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