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Free Phrases for Your Performance Review of an Amazing Employee

A Speak Strong Visit to the Bright Side of Performance Review Phrases

The Dark Side of Performance Review Phrases
When you search the net for ready to use phrases for employee performance reviews, you’ll find posts of a free list of employee review phrases that will make you laugh – until you realize how vicious these phrases are – and that they come from ACTUAL performance reviews in a large US corporation.

Here are some sample performance review phrases from the “Dark Side of Performance Review Phrases”.

Dos and Don’ts: How to Tell the Boss He’s Wrong

How to Tell the Boss He’s Wrong:
The Dos, The Don’ts, and The PowerPhrases to Give Feedback Up the Ladder

Is telling the boss they’re wrong a career-limiting or career-enhancing move?

While all bosses are different, most managers want to hear about it when they’re about to make a mistake.
How you tell them will make the difference between your words being taken as welcome information or insubordination.

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This page offers a plethora of fantastic tools and free resources.  Start with the Online Tools, where you can take the Communication Style Inventory and learn what style you lead with.  Online Tools also contains inspirational movies, an interactive exercise and a tutorial on how to use PowerPhrases!  You can view the SpeakStrong database of helpful articles, subcribe to the newsletter, blog, or quote of the day. There are also some free downloadable posters at the bottom!