Stop Living Life Like an Emergency

diane_siegI bought Diane Sieg’s book “Stop Living Life Like an Emergency” a couple years back before I spoke to the Emergency Nurse’s Association. I loved the book, but today I glanced at the title and the importance of it struck me. 

After the Arizona shootings, I had a number of people tell me I needed to act fast to get myself on the radio and TV to talk about my political communication book, “How to Restore Sanity to Our Political Conversations”. I did send out a press release, but my first three interviews convinced me: my real audience will still be there next month and the month after that. The people who will influence change aren’t the ones who are part of the 24-hour news cycle where the theme changes overnight. And interestingly, my favorite interviews have been the ones that were scheduled farther out, like the one I did on NPR Honolulu last night.

No, they didn’t fly me out to give the interview. 

Living on high alert all the time isn’t just exhausting, it’s not efficient. So thanks to Diane Sieg for a great book that sends an important message even if you don’t get past the title. To get that much just from a title is what I call effective communication.