Keynote: Some Boats Need to be Rocked

productive conversations that rock the boat

Productive conversations about things that matter

Playing it safe is not all it’s cracked up to be. Some boats need to be rocked – and if you go through life never making waves, you’ll live short of your potential.

If your office or organization has a culture of impervious compliance instead of inventive collaboration, you will operate in terminal mediocrity. That’s a colorful way of saying communicate, collaborate,  or die.

It might be a quick demise or a slow painful passing – but either way, a single productive conversation could pave the way to a more promising future. A series of productive conversations is even more likely to keep you moving forward toward new levels of excellence. 

Research is fascinating on this subject. If just one person offers an alternative view to “consensus reality” it frees others from “group-think” and results in overall increased authenticity and idea generation. And the research confirms that dissenting views don’t even need to be credible to get people started communicating more openly.

There is nothing safe about playing it safe

Some Boats Need to Be Rocked is about the fine art of productive boat-rocking.

  • Discover the three main clues that tell you it’s time to rock the boat
  • Embrace the three stories you need to align before you open your mouth. 
  • Learn how to say what you mean and mean what you say without being mean when you say it, and to inspire others to speak their truths as well. 
  • Find out how dynamic life becomes as a result of skilled and creative boat-rocking.

Key takeaways from this session are:

  • The high cost of silence when something needs to be said
  • How to rock the boat without coming across as confrontational
  • How rocking the boat can increase job satisfaction and success
  • Why there is nothing safe about playing it safe

Some boats really do need to be rocked.

Interested in rocking the boat?  Contact me, Meryl, for information about how to get involved with this great keynote.

Keynote: Some Boats Need to be Rocked