PowerPhrase Tutorial

A communication tool to put your message into words

composing phrases planning out conversationsOne of the basic tools for SpeakStrong is the PowerPhrases and Perfect Phrases that fill my books. The SpeakStrong Method isn’t all about phrases, but the phrases are what make or break a conversation – especially a delicate one.

We have all types of phrases to provide a foundation for rehearsing conversations. While conversations are interactive and never quite go the way you imagine, composing phrases or even selecting phrases from books like mine help you clarify your message and prepare for even the unpredictable.

That’s why my books have all types of phrases from motivation phrases, to boardroom phrases to management phrases. I include examples of personal phrases in the books and particularly on my blog.

Planning out conversations by composing phrases

The best phrases are the ones you create yourself. This tutorial walks you through the components of phrases. It gets you planning out conversations and composing phrases without even knowing you’re doing it. That’s helpful, because even people who are perfectly clear about what they have to say often lose that clarity the moment they try to verbalize it. 

So take the PowerPhrases tutorial. You have something to say. This will help you to say it. 

PowerPhrase Tutorial