Indirect communication that works with depressed people

dance stepsI suspected my touch of depression was related to me being on the verge of being sick, but I wanted to talk about it anyway. I tearfully told my husband I needed to grieve my losses from 2010, celebrate the wins and set intentions for the new year. He listened and empathized as I spoke. He knows how to communicate with depressed people – even if I’m the one passing through depression. 

My husband is a natural health consultant, and he also suspected my emotion was aggravated inflammation from impending illness. So without a hint of dismissiveness about my rant, he prepared a cooling drink for me and asked me to try it. 

A few minutes later I sat down at my computer ready to rock and roll, marveling at how much sunnier the world looked to me. I assumed it was the sweetness of how my husband listened to me, but then it occurred to me that the cooling drink played a large role.

Indirect communication that works with depressed people