Personal Benefits of the SpeakStrong Method

What can the SpeakStrong Method do for you personally?

meryl-blue-180Just imagine the difference exceptionally effective communication skill could make in your life. 


  • trusting your own personal process so completely that you communicate with complete authenticity without fear, embarrassment or shame.
  • being able to stand openly in you own successes and mistakes as a realistic foundation to move forward to who you want to be next.
  • having personal confidence in your own essential expression to be able to be completely present in all your relationships.

Now imagine…

  • the fulfillment of building a personal community where others are completely present for and with you.
  • being able to speak your mind and your heart effectively – building clarity, trust and connection with each conversation.
  • collaborating without compromise – where communication results in the kind of synergy where everybody wins and no one loses. Ever.


A communication makeover can transform every aspect of how you relate, influence and succeed. 


Next, ask yourself…

  • What would it be like to be able to communicate tenderness without drama or recycling old wounds?
  • How would it feel to be able to give feedback without damaging trust?
  • Where would you like to be able to relate from a platform of dynamic expectancy instead of static and rigid demands?
  • What if there was nothing between your heart and someone else’s – including anyone’s ego?

Can you envision how dynamic your life and your personal development would become? Your development personal professional and interpersonal depends on authentic communication.

All the difference in the world…

Here are just a few of the personal benefits people have shared with us.

  • For Kim it meant the difference between feeling like a doormat and following her own dreams with the support of her community of friends and associates.
  • For Melanie it meant the difference between a pleasant (yawn) marriage based on compliance and cooperation and a dynamic marriage based on synergy and collaboration.
  • For Cole it meant the difference between frustration from confusing instructions at work, and clarity.

What difference would it make in your life? How could you benefit from The SpeakStrong Method?

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