Dos and Don’ts: How to Tell the Boss He’s Wrong

How to Tell the Boss He’s Wrong:
The Dos, The Don’ts, and The PowerPhrases to Give Feedback Up the Ladder

Is telling the boss they’re wrong a career-limiting or career-enhancing move?

While all bosses are different, most managers want to hear about it when they’re about to make a mistake.
How you tell them will make the difference between your words being taken as welcome information or insubordination.

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Can you guess this PowerPhrase?

There’s a PowerPhrase that most business people have the opportunity to use every day, and many neglect to. Can you guess what it is?

powerphrase_icon2Many professionals consider it unprofessional to omit this PowerPhrase, and say you can tell someone is a professional who uses it deliberately. While the PowerPhrase is universal, everyone has their own version of it. Do you know what it is yet?

Some people think that not using this PowerPhrase is disrespectful, because it it causes more work for others. Neglecting it certainly can cause lost opportunity. Any idea yet?

A vendor sent me a message the other day and didn’t include this PowerPhrase. That caused a problem.

Okay… if you haven’t guessed yet (or if you have), here’s the deal. Your phone number is a PowerPhrase. Your contact info is a PowerPhrase. Make it easy for people to get back to you by stating it clearly and slowly enough for them to be able to understand it and write it down. This applies, even if you think they have it, but especially if you’re not certain that they do. 

It’s common courtesy – which tends to be pretty powerful. So consider getting in the habit of being one of those professionals who uses it. 





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Collaborate without compromise

Do you collaborate without compromise? Do you transcend the limits of your egocentric perception and existing knowledge, pool your ideas with other thinkers and strive together toward a shared objective or outcome?

collabnocompSome things should never be compromised. Compromise is a waste when a much better collaborative outcome is available – IF you’re willing to stay open long enough to discover it. Speaking Strong is collaborating without compromise. Here’s a phrase that captures the spirit.

  • Is that the best solution we can come up with? I don’t want either one of us to compromise – I want us to find an option that is better than what either one of us could come up with on our own.

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