The 3 Sources of Power for Office Pros & Admins MP3

Three--sources-of-power 300HThis is the audio of a keynote I gave to an IAAP meeting about how Admins can communicate gracefully and effectively. Today more than ever before, assistants need to be strong, savvy, and saintly. Sound impossible? It’s not.

How to SpeakStrong and Master Tough Conversations

  • Learn how the most effective assistants get people to respect their authority with little or no disagreement.
  • Learn how to cut to the core of every conversation to get the information and understanding you need – fast.
  • Discover the words to use to take charge without sounding like you’re trying to take over.
  • Find out how savvy assistants refer to their jobs and their responsibilities in ways that win them respect and cooperation.

Get six “secret weapons” you can use immediately to master those tough exchanges assistants need to have every day. Finally, learn the Ultimate Communication Formula that will guide every word you speak from the moment you start work until you head back home at the end of the day.

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This page offers a plethora of fantastic tools and free resources.  Start with the Online Tools, where you can take the Communication Style Inventory and learn what style you lead with.  Online Tools also contains inspirational movies, an interactive exercise and a tutorial on how to use PowerPhrases!  You can view the SpeakStrong database of helpful articles, subcribe to the newsletter, blog, or quote of the day. There are also some free downloadable posters at the bottom!

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