Keynote: The Collaborative Improvement Advantage

Creating a dynamic continuous improvement communication culture

The trends in business communication are clear – rank and hierarchy have had their day, and silos are breaking down (or desperately need advantages of collaborationto break down) into new dynamics of synergistic communication with leadership at every level. Cutting edge learning organizations are outpacing their more structured competitors exponentially. It’s good business to develop a learning organization.

Simple cooperation doesn’t give the kind of collaborative advantage required in our companies and careers. There is a productivity difference between cooperation and collaboration. Robust information sharing and total authenticity set a foundation for new levels of collaboration and innovation.

  • Just what are the characteristics of a learning organization?
  • How can companies gracefully move into the new age of mass collaboration?
  • What can leaders do to develop a dynamic continuous improvement culture in their organizations – cultures where everyone contributes to progress every day?
  • What is the role of a leader in a collaborative communication culture?
  • How does a leader leave room for different viewpoints and still sound decisive?
  • How does anyone draw out the strengths of those they interact with?


This lively keynote will

  • identify what benefits learning organization 
  • understand the advantages of collaboration
  • identify three things that leaders, coaches, mentors and managers do – intending to empower others, but actually inhibiting creative engagement
  • provide six steps to develop collaborative synergy
  • show you how to empower others to reach their fullest potential


We’ve only begun to experience how dynamic a collaborative communication culture can be. The resources we need are right in our own offices.

Key takeaways from this session include:

  • The four stages of the empowerment ladder
  • Four things a leader can do to encourage productive information sharing
  • How to elicit input without sounding weak or indecisive
  • Three ways to encourage the deepest level of employee engagement


Isn’t it time to embrace The Collaborative Improvement Advantage? Contact Meryl about this exciting keynote. 

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