trends in business communication

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Where to Start

So… now what?

If you’re ready to take your communication skills or your company’s communication skills to a dynamic new level with the SpeakStrong Method, here are some ways you can begin.


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Quick Start Communication Transformation Book Package

This book package provides hundreds of practices to build your ability to say what you mean and mean what you say, without being mean when you say it. 

SpeakStrong Method Quick Start Intensive

SpeakStrong Method get startedThis five week skill and knowledge development program walks you through the 9-step process of The SpeakStrong Method in partnership with me, Meryl Runion.

Together we’ll set your communication aspirations, assess your current skills and practice communication kata to build your communication strengths and moderate your communication excesses. It includes

  • collaborative communication assessments
  • a collaborated report of findings
  • a plan of action including training in how to upgrade your communication action plan as you outgrow yourself
  • The Quick Start Communication Transformation Package
  • five phone collaborations with me

More information is here. Cost is $500 but you can now save $300 on this fantastic deal by using the coupon code ISpeakStrong.



Quick Start Communication Transformation Book Package in Bulk

If you’re ready to create a communication culture by design, not default, why not get a copy of The Quick Start Communication Transformation Package for your employees? We offer hefty discounts on orders of books by the box.

Or, bring me, Meryl, in for your next event or for training.

Collaborative Communication Keynotes

My keynotes create a vision of how dynamic a collaborative communication can be.

  • They describe the trends in business communication today that require a new dynamic of communication and leadership at every level. 
  • They shine a light on where we’re not embracing our full communication potential. 
  • Finally, they offer concrete steps to start the process of creating cultures where individuals, teams and entire organizations collaborate without compromise.

The SpeakStrong Method Training

The SpeakStrong Method training walks attendees through the steps of the SpeakStrong Method. Groups or teams learn the mechanics and principles of collaborative communication.

Together we develop a shared vision of communication excellence, assess the existing culture, note discrepancies and create both individual and group reports of findings.

From there we establish plans and practices to create a deliberate communication culture of your organization’s own design.

Training: The SpeakStrong Method for Intergenerational Communication

What does generational discord cost you?

intergenerationalWhat price do you pay for generational gaps and blind spots? Conflict? Decreased performance? Missed opportunities?

What could happen if you and your workforce uncovered and embraced the validity of each generation’s viewpoint – and collaborated based on strengths? The SpeakStrong Method has tools to help you do that.

                               Are your generations working with or against each other?

Walk in My Generation’s Shoes: The SpeakStrong Method for Intergenerational Communication

Training to Re-Generate Your Age-Diverse Workforce for High-powered Results

What price do you pay for generational gaps and blind spots? Conflict? Decreased performance? Missed opportunities?

What could happen if you and your workforce uncovered and embraced the validity of each generation’s viewpoint – and learned how to empower others based on their strengths? The SpeakStrong Method has tools to help you transform intergeneration tension to intergenerational collaboration.

Workforce dynamics are changing. There has always been generational discord at work, but what’s different now, is who needs to adapt to whom. Because intergenerational discord is not simply a clash of age groups anymore, it’s a sign that the department or entire organization is bumping up against current trends in business communication.

Got Generational Landmines?
Or Generational Goldmines in Disguise?

You could be tiptoeing around generational landmines that are generational goldmines in disguise. The very trait or characteristic that leads one generation to judge, excoriate and dismiss another is the same trait that, managed well, can complement and empower the entire team. When generations collide, it often signals impending breakthroughs of insight and golden opportunity.

Every intergenerational complaint carries an intergenerational opportunity with it – a chance to collaborate and expand rather than collide and shut down into factions with battle lines drawn. You just need to navigate between the generations with grace and skill.

Tap into Tales from the Front: Between “Gen Yes Sir!” and “Gen Why Not?”

Every generation has its stories. The key to intergenerational communication and collaboration is in sharing those stories. Shared stories help us walk in another generation’s shoes. Those stories open the door to honest dialog that dissolves generational barriers.


  • Open the door for authentic conversation between generations.
  • Learn how each generation likes to be treated from the true experts – each generation.
  • Discover and move beyond our own generational blind spots.
  • Find the gift in generational traits that once drove you crazy.
  • Learn how to leverage the contribution of each generation.


Why you need intergenerational training and facilitation: a one or two-day intensive

Your workplace contains a wealth of untapped genius that gets squandered by petty and unnecessary intergenerational squabbles. Training and facilitation can improve productivity with enhanced communication, collaboration and problem solving.

Jump ahead of your competition with new ideas and innovative solutions that can only be realized with the collaborative engagement of all generations. 

Hire – and retain – the best and brightest employees. Give them a workplace culture that allows them to shine. 

Create an advantage for your business by uniting the strengths of each generation into powerful, stable teams. Sound impossible? It’s not. 


The SpeakStrong Method Approach – Hands-on Engagement with Fast, Lasting Results

The SpeakStrong approach to intergenerational training is not theoretical. This is an intergenerational engagement program that invites, inspires and sometimes pushes people to show up authentically. That means putting all the barriers to effective intergenerational communication on the table and untangling them one at a time. No one gets to dial it in. Everyone owns the problem and the responsibility for a solution. 

It starts with the complaints. It moves to the desires. It continues to the solution until every person in the room owns a piece of the task of creating a workplace where generations support each other for the success of the organization. 

Get the generations collaborating by contacting me today. It’s the key to success in today’s workplace.